All the conferences, all the time #arp #iaspm #musicresearch

I’m in Huddersfield!

This is, for the first time, a mashup of four popular music research conferences, all hosted here at the University of Huddersfield. These are:

My own solo presentation is about sample detection in methods for plagiarism copyright disputes – more to follow on this when I get it written up, or failing that an abstract and some links.

I’ve just finished presenting a joint paper – with the remarkable Loudon Stearns. It’s an overview of some of the literature about low- and fixed-latency networked music performance (NMP).

If you only read one paper this week about Networked Music Performance, make it this one (Rottondi et al, 2016) – it provides an overview of the technologies and practices, and brings together all of the existing research in an accessible way.

Screenshot 2018-09-03 17.25.59.jpg
Every When At Once (Loudon Stearns, 2015) – still from the Boston stage (Los Angeles live acrobat also pictured)

For our paper (Loudon’s really, with just an academic research overview intro from me) he presented his 2015 project Every When At Once, a remarkable fixed-latency NMP project, where dancers, singers, fine artists, musicians and acrobats collaborated in real time across nine time zones (LA, Boston, Valencia) and a distance of some 9500 km to perform a live ‘space opera’.  The project was delivered using Akamai, a commercial Content Delivery Network that can stream video content anywhere in the world with a fixed latency of 3s. Loudon’s opera was envisaged, composed and directed with this constraint. The research presentation is an overview of the project and a discussion of the technical parameters, with a review of the challenges of NMP generally, and the lessons learned from this particular approach.

EWAO is archived at (Firefox browser recommended).





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