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  • [as composer] Rockschool compositions (2006-2011 and 2012-2018) performed by guitar examination candidates in schools and other examination venues worldwide.
  • UK Songwriting Festival band: guitar and musical director, Bath Spa University (2005-2011) and Bladnoch, Scotland (2012-13).
  • [as composer] Songs co-written with Andi Neate performed at festivals and related venues (Glastonbury Festival, Wicker Man Festival, international touring etc). 2009-2014.
  • Song for Bath 2011: musical director, guitarist and judge.
  • Joe Bennett and the Burnsong songwriters, Burnsong The Homecoming, Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh (30.11.09). Concert and interview broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland.
  • Burnsong The Gathering, BBC TV centre Glasgow (30.11.07). Interview broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland.

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