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(More Total Guitar songwriting articles)
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  • “Forensic Musicology: an overview (methodological lessons from music copyright case law)”. Boston University Law School, USA. November 2017.
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  • Plagiarism and soundalikes. Panelist with Neil Innes, Philip Pope and Alan Parker. (Performing Right Society/BASCA, March 2011)

Teaching specialisms:

  • Popular Musicology
  • Popular Music Performance
  • Popular Music History
  • Songwriting
  • Song copyright and forensic musicology
  • Music Theory
  • Music Technology

Current teaching:

  • MMus Songwriting: Collaborative Songwriting
  • Various BA Commercial Music undergraduate modules
  • PhD supervision (advisor – creativity in musical theatre songwriting)



  • Bennett, Joe. Inside The Box (Grade 1 bass set work), Rockschool Ltd, 2012.
  • Bennett, Joe. Hyde In The Park (Grade 4 bass set work), Rockschool Ltd, 2012.
  • Bennett, Joe. All The Way (Grade 1 guitar set work), Rockschool Ltd, 2012
  • Bennett, Joe. Beat The Mersey (Debut guitar set work), Rockschool Ltd, 2012.
  • Bennett, Joe and Lederman, N. Mohair Mountain (Grade 6 guitar set work), Rockschool Ltd, 2012.
  • Bennett, Joe. Circus Experience (Grade 4 guitar set work), Rockschool Ltd, 2012.
  • Bennett, Joe. ICAUFO (Grade 3 guitar/bass/drums), Rockschool Ltd, 2012.
  • Bennett, Joe. Cranked (Grade 2 guitar set work), Rockschool Ltd, 2012.
  • Bennett, Joe with Troup. Simon. Dr Cocoa (Grade 1 guitar set work), Rockschool Ltd, 2012.
  • Bennett, Joe. Maiden Voyage (Grade 3 guitar/bass/drums), Rockschool Ltd, 2012.
  • Bennett, Joe, 2012. The State vs John Hayes (theatre score by Joe Bennett; play by LR Hunt). Hen and Chickens, London, April 2012; Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 2013; New York, USA, 2016).
  • Bennett, Joe with Neate, Andi, 2009. Crows, Rooks and Ravens. 13-track album of original songs co-written with Scottish singer-songwriter Andi Neate.
  • Bennett, Joe et al. The Rockschool Companion Guide (audio production and guitar): three audio CDs. Rockschool Ltd.
  • Bennett, Joe. Martha’s Park (Grade 2 guitar set work), Rockschool Ltd., 2006
  • Bennett, Joe. Gotta Lotta Rosa (Grade 1 guitar set work), Rockschool Ltd., 2006
  • Bennett, Joe. Garage Week (Grade 6 bass set work), Rockschool Ltd., 2006
  • 50+ recordings/compositions for the Total Guitar CD, Future Publishing 1994-1998.

MUSIC TEACHING BOOKS (selected) Amazon

  • Bennett, Joe. The Complete Junior Guitarist, Music Sales/Hal Leonard. 2009.
  • Bennett, Joe. “Guitar Tunings.” Artemis Editions ; Distributed by Hal Leonard, 2003.
  • Bennett, Joe. “Guitar Arpeggios.” Artemis Editions ; Distributed by Hal Leonard, 2003.
  • Bennett, Joe. Nü Metal – Really Easy Guitar. Wise, 2003.
  • Bennett, Joe. Sting: Really Easy Guitar. Wise, 2003.
  • Bennett, Joe. 21st Century Rock. Wise, 2002.
  • Bennett, Joe. Bob Dylan: Really Easy Guitar. Wise, 2002.
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  • Bennett, J and Dick, A. The Complete Picture Guide To Playing Guitar. Wise, 2001.
  • Bennett, Joe. It’s Easy To Bluff… Acoustic Guitar. London: Wise, 2000.
  • Bennett, Joe. It’s Easy To Bluff… Blues Guitar. Wise, 2000.
  • Bennett, Joe. It’s Easy To Bluff Jazz Guitar. Wise, 2000.
  • Bennett, Joe. It’s Easy To Bluff… Metal Guitar. Wise, 2000.
  • Bennett, Joe. It’s Easy To Bluff… Music Theory. Wise, 2000.
  • Bennett, Joe. It’s Easy To Bluff Rock Guitar. Wise, 2000.
  • Bennett, Joe and Dick, Arthur. The Beatles – Really Easy Guitar. Wise, 1999.
  • Bennett, Joe. Guitar Chords To Go. Wise, 1998.
  • Bennett, Joe. Guitar Riffs To Go. Wise, 1998.
  • Bennett, Joe. Guitar Scales To Go. Wise, 1998.
  • Bennett, Joe. Total Guitar. Over 300 articles interviews, reviews, news, articles, transcriptions Future Publishing 1994-2000.

Curriculum Design

  • BA Commercial Music (Bath Spa University, 2003)
  • Popular Music Theory syllabus (consultant – London College of Music, 2003)
  • Foundation Degree Music Production/Popular Music (Bath Spa University, 2006)
  • Masters Degree in Songwriting (Bath Spa University, 2007) – with Andy West
  • Masters Degree in Songwriting – Distance Learning (Bath Spa University, 2010) – with Davey Ray Moor
  • Popular Music Theory Syllabus (co-author of syllabus – Rockschool Ltd, 2015)

External Examining:

  • Goldsmiths, University of London – External Examiner, BMus (2014-2018).
  • University of the West of Scotland – EE for MA Songwriting and Performance (2013-2016)
  • University of Chichester / Platform One Music EE for BA (Hons) Commercial Music (2008-2013)
  • Bucks New University – EE for BA (Hons) Music Management and Studio Production (2006-2010)
  • University College Chichester – Validation adviser for Foundation Degree Commercial Music (2008)
  • Southampton Solent University – EE for BA (Hons) Digital Music (2009-2012)
  • QAA programme and subject reviewer – Popular Music etc (2005-current)
  • University of Plymouth – Foundation Degree revalidations (2008)
  • University of Brighton and Northbrook College Sussex – EE for BA (Hons) Music Performance (2004-2008)
  • Christchurch College Canterbury – EE for Popular Music programme revalidation (2004)
  • Senior examiner in guitar/bass for LCMM (1992-2004)
  • Visiting examiner (Rockschool Ltd) 1999-2001

Other External Roles:

  • Expert witness forensic musicologist for Music Publishers’ Association (copyright infringement in songwriting) – 2007-current. Clients include Universal Music Publishing, Warner/Chappell Music Publishing, Adelphoi Music, Kassner Music Publishing, JWT, BBH, Simpson & Marwick LLP, Michael Simkins LLP, Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP, Woo Kwan Lee and Lo (Hong Kong), Van Straten solicitors and Fatfox Music Publishing, as well as many individual songwriters and artists. Cases include Naxos vs Salmon (2012) – (case judgement).
  • Musical Director for PRS Foundation Creative Exchange project (UK/Hong Kong songwriters) (2008)
  • Musical Director for Scottish Arts Council/BBC Glasgow performance of Burnsong – The Gathering (2007)
  • Musical Director for Burnsong 2009 at the Scottish Parliament (BBC Radio Scotland, 2009)

Recent Professional Updating:

  • “Can You Do That? Copyright Litigation for Unauthorized Derivative Works”. Continuing Legal Education (CLE) course, American Bar Association, March 2020.
  • Strategy Execution. 4-week course (senior Leadership professional development), Harvard Business School HBX. November 2018.
  • Research Excellent Framework – Equal Opportunities training (2012)
  • Leadership development (BSU, 2014)
  • QAA reviewer training (2005)
  • Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Melodyne, Stylus, BFD in-house training (2008)
  • Apple Certified Pro accreditation (Logic Pro) – 2006
  • BSU management skills training (EEF) – 2006
  • HERA (Higher Education Role Analysis) training 2010


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